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We help wellness and healing practitioners run their businesses.

The Start of a Journey

Patrick Sandone founded Digital Balance in 2020, almost five years to the day after selling his last business, Net Driven, which he had grown into the largest digital marketing company serving independent automotive businesses in North America.  

Net Driven was born out of a simple idea: to help Pat’s family business get the same visibility online as the big-box stores at a price that an independent, family-owned business could afford. At the time Net Driven was founded, there were only high-priced solutions that only those with massive marketing budgets could afford or more affordable choices that weren’t effective in yielding results. Net Driven addressed these two challenges by focusing on doing one thing well: helping independent businesses thrive through results-oriented digital marketing. 

Net Driven and its customers thrived.  

Patrick sold the business and started his next chapter.

Seeking Self-Realization

After selling Net Driven, Patrick thought he had just bought his way into eternal happiness. After all, isn’t reaching a milestone like this the goal? He was wrong: more money and more success did not buy him any more fulfillment. 

He went looking for answers in other places, exploring spirituality and healing practices from around the globe including a two week vision quest, working with a shaman, reiki, acupuncture, and more.  

What he found in this journey was a greater sense of purpose and a better way of living – that by supporting the entire self, one could achieve his or her highest potential. He started to feel satisfaction with his life and the way forward. 

He also discovered a desire to help others by sharing what he learned through his entrepreneurial experience. He had already built a successful company that helped thousands of businesses across North America. Now it was time to put those insights into action. 

Helping Those Who Heal

Today, Patrick practices meditation and other spiritual and health practices daily. Inspired by the changes to his well being and the technology he perfected at Net Driven, he has made it his mission to give holistic health practitioners a platform to grow their businesses and expand the reach of healing modalities to more people. 

Digital Balance helps health and wellness practitioners be successful in service of a vital and powerful purpose: to help others be well.


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