Our Values

What makes us do what we do

Digital Balance focuses on one primary purpose: helping health and wellness practitioners get the support they need to run successful businesses. 


Our values guide our strategy and give us clarity around our purpose. They’re how we approach everything from our client experience to how we overcome challenges. They’re what we put to work in all that we do and strive for. They’re a reflection of who we are and who we want to be.


Be a Daymaker

We add joy and value to your day. We will always choose candor, respect, and kindness in our interactions. We embrace a sense of humor and fun in our work. We strive for better experiences in service of others. We want everyone – inside and outside of our company – to feel great about working with us.

Get Real

We’re human beings. We believe that approaching our work with honesty, authenticity, and openness is important. We’ll try new things and sometimes they may not work. We’ll make mistakes. We’ll own them, be accountable, and learn from the experience.

Embrace Purpose & Growth

We’re lifelong students. We seek out new perspectives and ways of understanding with an open mind and heart. We believe in going beyond “the way it’s always been done” and finding real solutions that work by listening, learning, and experimenting. We’re excited to explore the unknown and share our experience with others.

Thrive Together

We’re one team. Whether it’s building a new product or rolling out a new process to help serve our clients, we only succeed when we work together. We believe that collaboration, communication, and transparency are essential at every step of the journey. We also believe that every step should be made with gratitude. We empower our teammates, our partners, and our clients.

Celebrate Boldness & Ambition

We want to be better. With every decision we make, we’re conscious of our goals, the opportunity for innovation, and how there’s always room to improve. We’re committed to evolving and moving our industry forward. We share a passion for personal development and achieving our highest potential. We lead fearlessly and with intention. We believe in acting with courage in pursuit of what fulfills us.