Business Coaching 

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Digital Balance business coaching services are designed to help make managing your business easier so that you can focus more on what you love to do.  The business coaching services consist of three categories of help and resources:

Real-Time Coaching and Advice

we understand what it is like to run your own business and all the hats an owner has to wear. We are here to give you coaching and guidance on practice hot spots to help you make the best decisions for your business and get back to doing what you do best.   We also offer real time coaching and advice from your dedicated Success Manager.   

Digital Marketing 

  • How to Respond to Reviews/Comments
  • Email Marketing Templates, Social Media Benchmarks
  • Holiday Instagram & Facebook posts, Instagram & Facebook Posts
  • How to Use Facebook & Instagram Templates
  • Platform Story Posts
  • Channels to Grow an Audience/ Social Media Basics
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Small Business Saturday Campaigns
  • Customizable Electronic Press Kit
  • Local SEO

Sales Strategy 

  • How to Set Prices for Maximum Profitability
  • Scheduling Best Practices
  • When & How to Upsell
  • Sales Conversation Templates
  • Building Brand Guidelines
  • How to Qualify Clients When They Call (i.e. how can a practitioner really “seal the deal” to book more appointments with unsure clients)
  • How to discourage/address no-shows (i.e. new clients who don’t show up for appointments)

Client Relations 

  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere
  • Templates for Correspondence via Email
  • Creating a Membership Program & Other Ideas for Customer Retention
  • Printable Signage
  • New Client Onboarding
  • Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Industry Stats & Trends

  • Industry Insights
  • The State of Wellness and Stress
  • Wellness Industry Benchmarks/Sizing
  • Small Business Benchmarks
  • Industry Trends

Finance & Operations 

  • Suggested software for small businesses management
  • Creating a Business Model
  • The Basics of Building a Bundle
  • Track Expenses & Income
  • How to Budget
  • Office Staff Opening Checklist
  • Business Plan Guide

Expert Resources

We have invested ourselves in seeking out and vetting people who are good at what they do and also understand holistic health. Whether you need a new accountant, a lawyer or an IT expert, we can connect you with the right professionals to help you grow your business. Our goal is to save you time and money that is often wasted trying to find the right fit and the pain of hiring the wrong ones. We offer a holistic service for your holistic business.

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Making your practice easier to manage often requires hours of research to find the right systems and software solutions.  Let our experienced team guide you with personal recommendations to help guide your decision. Whether you need the right accounting program or the best in class practice management system, we have done the legwork to create unique partnerships and locate the best solutions for you so that we can save your business time and money.

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